Friday, October 3, 2014

Bonobos Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo Collection

Hey, guys! Can we take a moment to really appreciate Bonobos' suits and tuxedo collection for the upcoming Fall 2014 season? Their Fall 2014 Collection consists of wool suits, tweed blazers, and tuxedos that look impeccably chic and are ideal for the season.
What I truly love about the collection is that their signature Italian wool foundation suit is updated with brand new fabrics and their interior details as well have been updated. As a merchandising student, I've learned that fabrication/textiles truly matter when it comes to aesthetic appeal and comfort appeal as well. I also appreciate that the brand offers suits in standard or slim fits, and come in short, regular, and tall sizes. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with a 6 foot body like Benjamin Eidem or Clement Chabernaud, but it's great to know that there's an option for me. Trust me, finding a suit at my height is hard, let me tell you. Also, what I really find the most appealing about the collection is the inspiration behind it. Bonobos had in mind the early British rock invasion, with key people like Mick Jagger, The Kinks, and Who in their early years. Im such an aficionado of the British rock invasion and Mick is one of my all time style icons. From the long locks to the the slim tailored suits, Mick Jagger is it! A suit well tailored that's inspired by his effortless taste? Sign me up. Check out below the lookbook for their Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo collection that features their newest tuxedos in navy and black.
Without a doubt, the glen plaid and tweed pieces easily reference the British inspiration without looking old. The fit is key because it brings the piece into a modern place, making it utterly wearable and stylish now. Easily, the first gray tuxedo is calling my name, to be honest. I already have a pair of patent, leather loafers I would straight away style them with. Now, what in the collection would I grab my hands on? First and foremost, The Foundation Cotton Slim Suit in Stone
I love that it still has the fit and tailoring of their Italian Wool Foundation Suit but it's made in breathable cotton. See, lately California has been excessively hot, therefore I'm leaning towards clothing that provides comfort and wont cause me to break a sweat. Plus, it's in a slim fit to keeps things looking ultra cool and European. What's great is that I can break the pieces apart and style them separately. The jacket would look great with some black slim jeans or trousers for a night out. I also love the double-vent detail.
While the stone-colored look seems more daytime friendly for me, I'd sport the entire navy alternative to an evening event. I'm a sucker for a navy blue and to be honest everyone truly looks better in it. Seriously.
I love how Bonobos styled the suit with a light, tan colored oxford shoe. I'm living for the color contrast and makes it more eye-catching overall.
Besides those two, I found myself salivating over The Capstone Slim Black Shawl Collar Tuxedo.
I'm always on the hunt for a really chic, ideal shawl collar suit (I blame Lanvin and early Balmain under Decarnin's reign) so this one is pretty ideal. Black? Yes. Slim? Yes. Italian wool? Yes. What's not to love about it? Oh, and that stripe running along the pants is another feature I'm loving. It's one of those tuxedo's that's timeless and you'll have for many years and it'll forever seem chic.
Totally check out Bonobos' chic Fall 2014 Suit and Tuxedo Collection. Remember, there's nothing better than a man looking great in a well tailored suit.

(all images provided by Bonobos)

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