Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014: Kate Moss' Offspring?

Okay, I wasn't really Kate Moss for Halloween but I did recreate a flawless face lewk the Brit queen has sported in the past.
Speaking of Brit queens, thank god for Charlotte Tilbury, a.k.a. one of my favorite makeup artists, for literally posting this tutorial the morning of Halloween. The starry eyed look on Kate Moss was quite easy to recreate.
The minute I saw that video on my subscription feed at 10am was when I felt like god had personally left it on my screen as a sign to get my ass together and just recreate this instead of continuing panicking about what to be. Like, I was having anxiety about costumes and makeup, etc. I know......I'm a mess. The look required some gold and bronze shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss that's poppin', medical tape and voila! You're now 10% as flawless as good ol' Kate Moss and I'm talking about messy-lookin', trashed Kate Moss. Beat mug, rockstar, glam, fur, Saint Laurent-wearing Kate Moss is a whole other level that's quite hard to achieve. The key to the look is the medical tape. You really want that star to be perfect with clean lines and an overall even shape, so the tape is a must! Anyway, Halloween was whatever this year. No parties, nada. The gurls and I headed to Weho. I mean, you can't go wrong with that location, yah know? We went to some club, etc. However, let's take a minute to talk about how it rained and my favorite jacket and shoes were getting soaked! It was really heartbreaking. Imagine a mother seeing her children in pain and being helpless and unable to do anything to stop it....yeah, that's how I truly felt being soaked in disgusting, polluted water. It was a question of "do I take my jacket and somehow try to protect it from getting wet and let myself get poured on even more with just a t-shirt on or protect myself with the jacket as a shield?". Sophie's choice, I tell yah. The next day consisted of more bottom-like activities, a.k.a. clubbing.
....and that's Halloween 2014 for yah.
I know.
But you wanna know what's spookier? The exam I have for marketing on Wednesday that I'm studying for as I type this.
Yeah, I'm sure you're quite petrified.

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