Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let Me Help With You Finals: The SBTRKT BBC Radio 1 Benji B Takeover Edition

Okay, instead of painting my nails with a cheap nail polish right now, I should be studying for my other two finals I'm having next week. However, your gurl has the hookup to help you with that stressful time of the semester. I've been obsessed with SBTRKT's latest album (Everybody Knows is my winter jam, to be honest) and thank god I came across this playlist last week because it's honestly the only thing I've been listening to and it's made studying for textiles, family management, and marketing much more easier.

So I'm tired as hell on Monday at 11pm at the library and what do I do? Pop the headphones and start jammin', sis! But seriously, think of this as a little Christmas gift from yours truly to you. I still have two more finals next so honestly just pray for me and hope I make it out alive. Enjoy!

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