Friday, January 2, 2015


Totes sorry for the lack of posting this past month. You're probably rolling your eyes, saying "what's new"and I completely agree with you lmao. Anyway, I finished the semester with pretty much straight As and one B (fuck you, marketing) so I really looked forward to secret santa with my gals to untuck. By untucking, I mean unwinding, gossiping, sipping that truth tea, and throwin' shade. Get my gist?
(OOTN: American Apparel striped t-shirt, Gap varsity cardigan, Gap boyfriend jeans, Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane double wrap belt, Balenciaga cut out boots, and 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag)
I really have to give props to myself for going over the top for my secret santa. I got my best friend Jessica and I literally wrapped her gift with a collage featuring things I usually make fun of that she "loves": beef schwarmas, some model named Alexander Uloom, her "favorite" artist Pitbull, Zumba, and Miranda Kerr. The fact that she screeched like a damn kid in a nice restaurant was priceless. As for my secret santa, my gurl Andreina did so good. My christian queen got me a brow mascara by Benefit that I've been wanting to try for so long and Clinique's dark spot correcting serum. I'm a frugal hunty, so the fact that she got me the serum was honestly enough but then she got the brow mascara to make my brows on fleek? Yasss, gurl. I'm feeling truly #Blessed. But seriously, I really do appreciate what she did for me. Like, she didn't have to get me things I literally wanted, but the fact that she did meant so much to me. 
Anyway, I hope y'all got what you wanted for Christmas and had such a lovely holiday season. Byeeeee.

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