Friday, January 23, 2015

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear

I want to say "same ol', same ol'" with this Givenchy collection by Riccardo Tisci (who I find caliente) since I always try to be optimistic in everything (it really has a lot of downfalls, tbh), but alas what exactly is super new or questioning about this collection? I haven't been raving about a mens Givenchy collection from Riccardo in years, so this comes to no surprise that I'm not exactly ecstatic about it. When I think of the quintessential Givenchy by Tisci colors, I think of red, nude, and black, which is exactly what this collection offered. It did feel very derivative of earlier collections, especially with the skirts and pants combo. Let's start with what I really enjoyed about the menswear: the prints. I feel like I've seen him do these prints in the past. However, they were absolutely gorgeous. Some prints reminded me of wall cave paintings you'd come across in history books or prints that certain cultures or tribes would've created. I think what also sparked this whole idea were those teeth necklaces, that I feel would be something a indigenous tribe would create for adornment or sacred reasons. There's a print in there that has a dog figure in it that reminded me of Inca and the culture pertaining to that location. I'm not exactly sure where the prints derive from or from what culture, but that feature of the collection felt the most fresh and quite exciting. For the usual Givenchy urban, streetwear guy, there's a couple of pieces he'll find in here, particularly a logo sweater and a couple of impeccable outerwear pieces. I can already see it now....that "Givenchy, Paris" t-shirt (or is it a sweater?) will fly off the shelves once the fall/winter season hits next year.When it came to the womenswear, I loved it all. The look Ajak is by far my favorite. I see fur, feathers, and red glitter...I love it. The girls were giving me gothic, chola, spanish realness and I'm living for it. Alas, here are my favorite looks and beauty/detail shots:

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