Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit Los Angeles

Hey, everyone! Yes, I've been quite MIA for the past couple of months but in all honestly it was all for the best. I managed to thankfully pass all my classes and receive fantastic grades, including the damn economics course I was repeating, but that's an entirely different post I can ramble on about how the professor is a complete moron and a pervert (I do have receipts! lol). Anyway, within the last past months, there have been subtle differences that have occurred, but nothing quite dramatic. New job, new hair, and a new perspective on life, I suppose. I never got to upload about the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit in Los Angeles that I was able to attend in February thanks to my university. Our class managed to attend the exhibit, but regardless of that it was open to the public and I absolutely would've attended on my own if I wasn't afforded the opportunity to attend with my peers.
What I absolutely enjoyed the most about the exhibit was the fusion of art, fashion, and technology, that is absolutely something I quite found compelling about Nicolas' own work for the house of Balenciaga. The exhibit managed to showcase the new aesthetic of what Louis Vuitton is now and for the future and just what exactly the brand is able to do. It's Louis Vuitton, for god's sake! The label, with it's fantastic, numerous resources and Nicolas' futuristic, fresh aesthetic are a match made in heaven
I managed to spot one of my current faves, Mica Arganaraz, in the 'Backstage' area of the exhibit. 
Mijo, my queen!!!
Not gonna lie, I kind of freaked out in a positive way when I saw these white, stone mannequins that literally resemble Marte Mei Van Haaster, who's an LV staple every season. 
(Outfit: Black t-shirt and jeans by Gap, denim distressed jacket by BDG, Balenciaga cutout boots, and vintage leather backpack by Coach)
Personally, I loved the 'Backstage' room of the exhibit. The whole process from hair to makeup to the stylists dressing the models..it all screams glamour, really. Brought me back to Isaaz Mizrahi's 'Unzipped' doc where the models were just unabashedly glamorous. It also was a great opportunity to see the clothes and accessories up close. The intricate details were sublime and honestly the basket-weaving-looking dress and the leather dress screamed luxury. As one of Ghesquire's biggest fans, I can't wait for what's to come next.