Friday, December 25, 2015

Hey, Kelela

Yes, I've been MIA once again and I truly apologize for that but can we take a minute to fully understand and appreciate that yah gurl met Kelela a couple of weeks ago. From sickening looks to the sweetest personality, Kelela is everything.
We talked briefly about how she's amazing and such a style icon to me but we also had a #FashionGurls moment and had a quick conversation about how rad it was hearing her music at the Fendi and Opening Ceremony spring/summer 2016 shows.

I mistakenly said Louis Vuitton but remembered she was front row at the show rather than having her music played on the soundtrack. Nonetheless, she's taking ovah the fashion scene and I'm living for it. She was so sweet and like immediately was so down with taking photos and talking. I wish nothing but success for her and can't wait for a full debut album.
Oh! and if you're new to Kelela, I'd suggest checking out her music video to 'Rewind', which goes the fuck awf and gives me 90s, dancin' vibes and the art direction and styling is right up my alley. We also talked about the direction of the video and the inspiration behind it and like the styling in the music video was so good.

Also check out 'A Message', which features a stunning animation scene.

'The High' is one of my newer favorites off of her EP, which is a more darker tune than the others I've mentioned.

And where my obsession started: her collaboration with BOK BOK.